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Les Editions du Boudoir et de la Bouillotte

Legal informations

Les Editions du Boudoir et de la Bouillotte
14, Av. de Verdun
C/o Mme Delgado-Borges
92170 Vanves

Telephone: +351276098101
Fax: 0033956659732
Email: l-eBB@Les-Editions-du-Boudoir-et-de-la-Bouillotte.Joni.PT

Legal representative
Johny-Borges BRAGA or Luísa Delgado-Borges
Association under the French law of July 1st, 1901
Registration in French Police Headquarters with number: 133 508P

VAT number
VAT identification number: FR63418776662

Mailing address and hosting
João Borges-Braga
14, Av. de Verdun
92170 Vanves

Our participation being personally disinterested, compensation you will accept, byNULLdonations to our association

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eFax: 0033956659732

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